Rachel Balzarini is a freelance Fashion Stylist & Art Director born in Queens, NY - She graduated from Parsons for fashion design & also studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago & The Accademia Italiana in Italy. Rachel’s innate sense of style, mixture of cultures and industry knowledge give her an undeniable edge. She is meticulous, innovative, playful and draws inspiration from people, art, travel & her personal experiences. She launched her full-time styling career with Bandier in 2015 & was responsible for creating and growing the company’s visual fitness/fashion aesthetic from the ground up. Currently a freelancer, Rachel has assisted stylists Carlos Nazario, Tom Van Dorpe, Carrie Weidner, Roel Schagen, & Freddie Leiba to name a few. She believes the most important thing to represent in her work is true diversity & spreading all cultures in unity.